Which Is The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner? – The TOP 10

It’s common knowledge that a vehicle needs fuel to drive; however, most people aren’t aware that there is a vital component that dictates how efficiently their vehicle uses fuel: the fuel injector.

Which Is The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner?

A fuel injector disperses fuel into the motor. When the vehicle changes speeds, the fuel injector regulates the amount of gas that reaches the motor. In order to function properly and use gas efficiently, the fuel injector MUST be clean.

The following 10 fuel injector cleaners will ensure this crucial car part is operating properly and that your vehicle is using fuel efficiently.

Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner

One of the very best fuel injector cleaners is Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner. What really sets this product apart is that as wellas actually cleansing your fuel injector it helps to prevent the buildup of carbon deposits, moisture and other gunk afterwards.

Many fuel system cleaners utilize synthetic ingredients, such as manmade oil, or PEA purity; however, not all of them list the type of ingredients they contain. With Red Line Complete you know exactly what you are getting. That’s because they verify that the amout of PEA (polyether amines content) used is between 30 and 50 percent. Red Line confirms this amount using Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), something that most other manufacturers that create fuel system cleaners simply don’t do, which makes it very hard (and in some cases impossible) to determine the type and quality of the ingredients that are used.

Red Line’s Two Step Approach

As mentioned, Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner uses a two step approach, which is unique for a fuel injector cleaner. It both cleanses the fuel injector and prevents the buildup of moisture, carbon deposits and other debris. The synthetic blend of ingredients that are used in this formula reduce abrasion on the fuel system, the pump, the carburetors and the entire engine.

Not only does this formula use a one-of-a-kind lubricant (that is designed to lubricate the upper cylinders), it also uses ingredients that are able to work in both high and low engine temperatures. This makes it a very flexible product that can be used in any type of vehicle, and one which offers great results. It also offers excellent results for the treatment of combustion chambers and intake valves.

Instructions for Use

Using this popular fuel injector cleaner is pretty easy too. Simply add the entire contents of the bottle to your fuel tank when it is close to empty every 3,000 miles. After it’s added, refill the tank with up to 20 gallons of fuel. For routine maintenance, add half a bottle when your fuel tank is nearly empty every 1,500 miles.  That’s it!


Chevron Techron Concentrage Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Next up is the Techron Concentrage Plus Fuel System Cleaner from Chevron. As one of the best known and most reputable manufacturers of products designed to enhance vehicle performance, Chevron has really nailed it with their leading fuel injector cleaner.

Chevron was the first company to develop PBA and PEA chemical technologies, both of which are utilized to clean the various components of an engine. While the majority of products us PBA, PEA is consider the best technology for cleaning. As such, this cleaner is one of the most trusted on the market and offers the following advantages:

  • Cleanses fuel injectors
  • Cleanses carburetors
  • Cleanses combustion chambers
  • Cleanses intake ports and valves
  • Reduces deposit buildup, including sulfur and carbon
  • Reduces emissions
  • Guards gas gauge sensors

Chevron 65740 Techron Fuel System Cleaner’s Advanced Technology

This fuel system cleaner uses polyether amine (PEA), an advanced technology, which sets it apart from other products on the market. A natural, non-abrasive substance, PEA really makes a big difference in this fuel injector cleaner’s efficiency. Most other fuel system cleansers use polybutene amine (PBA), which is effective for some engines, but it can have a negative impact on others. For example, PBA can leave deposits on combustion chambers, which can damage a fuel injection system and an engine. PEA, on the other hand, works to prevent deposits from building up on combustion chambers.

Instructions for Use

To use, add the entire contents of the bottle into the fuel tank once it is near empty every 3,000 miles or at every scheduled oil change. Do not use more than twice per 3,000 miles or between scheduled oil changes.


STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner

STP is another very highly regarded manufacturer of additives that can improve the performance of your vehicle.


best fuel injector cleanerTheir 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner uses the highest quality ingredients, including detergents that are specifically formulated to remove carbon deposits, varnish and other debris that build up in fuel injectors and engines, hindering performance and fuel efficiency. A single treatment of STP fuel injector cleaner will instantly unblock clogged fuel injectors and improve fuel efficiency to restore the performance of your engine.

The STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner Difference

What really sets STP Fuel Injector Cleaner apart from other products is the fact that they have added jet fuel to their formula. This makes a big difference in the way that this cleaner removes harmful buildups, including carbon, on fuel injectors, as well as every other component of the entire fuel system. This allows the cleaner to enhance the performance of your engine and boost its fuel efficiency. As a result, you’ll save money on gas and see a very noticeable difference in the way your vehicle operates.

Instructions for Use

Add the entire contents of the bottle into the gas tank (making sure that is at least half full). Use once every 3,000 miles or at every scheduled oil change. This product can also be used in conjunction with other fuel additives.


BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner is a very popular choice. It has been around for more than 40 years and in that time, it has become one of the most trusted products.

Designed specifically for engines that use gasoline, this fuel injector cleaner contains a quick action formula that cleans fuel injectors, combustion chambers and valves in a very short period of time. It is designed to improve the quality of combustion, as well as the output of power.

BG 44 K Fuel System Cleaner Formula

BG 44 K is free of alcohol and contains natural ingredients. This means that it can remove and flush out the buildup of unwanted debris, such as carbon deposits and moisture, within the fuel injectors and all other components of your vehicle’s engine. This formula also uses High Flash Naptha, which bonds with, deteriorates and flushes out buildup in the fuel system.

Instructions for Use

BG 44 K is designed to treat up to 20 gallons of gas. Add the contents of the bottle to a full tank (up to 20 gallons). To maximize results, drive for short distances after adding it, as doing so will improve the effectiveness of the product.


Best Fuel Injector Cleaner – Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

This German-made cleaner is designed to completely clean the fuel system of any vehicle.

It prevents problems with starting, stalling and hesitation. It also allows for improved throttle response and enhanced idling, as well as more pure combustion. Plus, it helps to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and the performance of a vehicle.

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner Formula

Liqui Moly Jectron utilizes Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) as one its active ingredients. MoS2 is a high-grade, non-organic metal that was created for use with all types of vehicles, including air and watercrafts. In fact, this material is so tough that it is also used to craft bullets and Kevlar! What makes it such a valuable component in a fuel injector cleaner is that it can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 662 degrees F.

Directions for Use

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron is designed for use with gasoline engines only. To use, add the suggested amount (noted on the bottle) right into the fuel tank when it is 1/8 full. Repeat the process every 1,200 miles for optimal results.


Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment

Lucas is one of the most trusted manufacturers of fuel treatment additives.

best fuel injector cleanerTheir 10013 Fuel Treatment is specially formulated to provide a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Cleansing and lubricating the entire fuel system
  • Neutralizing issues that are associated with low sulfur fuel
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Enhances performance
  • Extends the lifespan of fuel injectors and fuel pumps
  • Reduces the damage associated with cold starts

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment Formula

Lucas 10013 is made with a blend of additives and oils that combine to make a fuel injector cleaner that cleanses not just the fuel injectors, but the entire fuel system. This formula is designed to improve the combustion process, which in turn helps to maximize the efficiency of your engine. It cleanses and lubricates injectors and carburetors, which allows fuel to burn more evenly. It can be used with both leaded and unleaded gasoline, which means there are no limitations when it comes to the type of vehicle it can be used with.

Instructions for Use

To use Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment, pour the entire contents into the gas tank. Anywhere between two and three ounces of treatment can be added to every 10 gallons of gasoline or diesel. Once added, drive your vehicle as usual.


Best Fuel Injector Cleaner – Gold Eagle 104 + Maximum Octane Boost

With the 104 + Maximum Octane Boost from Gold Eagle, you’ll improve the performance of your vehicle in no time.

best fuel system cleanerThis product is designed to restore the function and power of your engine and boost its performance by reducing the buildup of carbon and other debris around the fuel injectors, carburetors, valves and all other components within your engine. It is specially formulated to remove the accumulation of deposits from the entire fuel system, including:

  • The fuel filter
  • The fuel pump
  • The fuel lines
  • The GDI injectors

Thanks to its cleaning power, Gold Eagle will improve the power and torque of your vehicle, smooth out any rough idling issues, and reduce the emissions that your vehicle puts out.

Gold Eagle 104 + Maximum Octane Boost Formula

Gold Eagle has created a special formula that uses the highest quality ingredients in order to ensure that your engine runs as smoothly, efficiently and powerfully as possible. It is formulated to offer a double octane boost so that it can increase the horsepower and torque of a vehicle, and improve its overall performance.

Instructions for Use

To use it, simply add the entire contents of the bottle into gas tank when it is near empty. Fill up the tank and drive as usual. A single bottle of Gold Eagle 104 + Maximum Octane Boost can be used to treat up to 25 gallons of fuel.


Best Fuel System Cleaner – Dura Lube HL – 401990-06 Severe Fuel System Cleaner

best fuel injector cleanerDura Lube is specifically formulated to cleanse the entire fuel delivery system, including:

  • The fuel injectors
  • Valves
  • Carburetors
  • Intake manifolds
  • Ports

Additionally, it is formulated to remove the gum that accumulates on the valve stem. Since the product removes the buildup of all of these deposits, it helps to restore the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, which means that your tank will stay full a lot longer.

Dura Lube HL – 40199-06 Severe Fuel System Cleaner Formula

Dura Lube uses the highest quality ingredients in this, their best Fuel System Cleaner. These ingredients are designed to be safe for use with all grades of gasoline, including E 10, E 15 and E 85 ethanol blends. While it is very powerful and can remove severe buildups, it is also gentle enough that it won’t do any damage to catalytic converters.

Directions for Use

In order to use this product, simply pour the contents of the bottle directly into your gas tank. It can be used to treat up to 42 gallons is recommended every 3,000 miles or at routinely scheduled oil changes. It should be noted that this product is not intended for use with diesel engines.


Best Fuel Injector Cleaner – Sea Foam SF – 16 Motor Fuel Treatment

This fuel treatment cleaner from Sea Foam is one of the best fuel injector cleaners currently on the market.

best fuel system cleanerIt’s extremely versatile and it offers exceptional cleaning potency. This formula is designed to be used with vehicles that are powered by either gasoline or diesel. It can also be used with either 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines.

This product is designed to:

  • Remove severe buildup of harsh deposits within all components of a vehicle’s fuel system
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduce emissions
  • Improve engine power
  • Smooth out idling

Sea Foam SF – 16 Motor Fuel Treatment

What makes Sea Foam SF – 16 Motor Fuel Treatment so different from other fuel injector cleaners on the market is that it contains a 100 percent natural oil based solvent. This solvent not only serves as a cleanser, but it also serves as a lubricant for the engine, the pistons, the cylinders and the carburetors of a vehicle. And, on top of all of that, it also helps to control moisture, eliminates corrosion, and it de-ices, too!

Instructions for Use

To use Sea Foam SF – 16 Fuel Treatment as a fuel additive, pour 1 ounce per gallon of fuel into your vehicle’s fuel tank. If you are going to use it to clean your engine, slowly add tiny amounts into the vacuum line of your vehicle, air intake system or fuel line when the engine has reached its operating temperature. To treat oil, pour 1.5 ounces of the formula per 1 quart of oil into the crankcase. In order to see the best results, application of this product in any capacity is recommended every 3,000 miles, or with every scheduled oil change.


Best Fuel System Cleaner – Royal Purple 1800 Max Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner

If you are on the market for a fuel injector cleaner for a newer vehicle or one that hasn’t been used for a while, Royal Purple 1800 Max Atomizer is an excellent option.

best fuel system cleanerThis synthetic fuel injector cleaner is specially formulated to:

  • Improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by as much as 3.2 percent
  • Boost the horsepower of the engine by as much as 2.6 percent
  • Lower the emissions of hydrocarbon by up to 112 percent
  • Reduce the emissions of NOx by up to 13 percent
  • Lower the emissions of CO by as much as 18 percent
  • Prevent the risk of stalling out
  • Smooth out rough idling
  • Reduce hesitation
  • Prevent the fouling of spark plugs too early
  • Reduce pinking and knocking

Royal Purple 1800 Max Atomizer

This cleaner is designed using a blend of EPA and CARB components and is compatible with both engines that use either diesel or gasoline. It is considered a multi-application cleaner in that it can be used with all blends of biofuels and ethanol. It can also be used in either 2 cycle or 4 cycle engines and it won’t do any damage to the emissions system of your vehicle. This formula has been extensively tested to ensure that it works with all makes and models of vehicle.

Directions for Use

To use this fuel injector cleaner, all you have to do is pour the entire contents of the bottle into your gas tank once it is close to empty. The minimum recommendation per dose is a 6 ounce bottle per 20 gallons of fuel, while the maximum dose is one 6 ounce bottle per 10 gallons of gas. To see the best results for your vehicle, use it every 3,000 miles, or with every scheduled oil change.


So, Which Is The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner? – Summing It Up

Even with the newest, highest quality vehicles, fuel efficiency and performance can suffer as a result of the accumulation of moisture, carbon and other debris throughout the engine and fuel injectors. This can reduce the performance of your vehicle, as well as its fuel efficiency.

If you want to ensure that your car operates ait its best and maintains great fuel efficiency, using one of the fuel injector cleaners listed above his highly recommended.

By using any of these products, you will be sure to see an improvement in your car – and you’ll extend its life, too!

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner – How They Work

Fuel isn’t as pure as it used to be. Today, several additives are applied to gas in order to boost its octane; ethanol, in particular. This substance both oxidizes and emulsifies gas, creating byproducts that are non-combustible, like carbon.

Over time, these by-products build up in a fuel injector. Eventually, this buildup prevents the injector from opening and closing properly. It can even lead to a leak in the nozzles that are located within the fuel injector. A fuel injector cleaner removes the buildup of these non-combustible substances (including carbon and other gunk, such as rust and varnish) from this vital component in your vehicle.

Using a fuel injector cleaner every 3,000 miles is highly recommended for all vehicles, but especially for any vehicle that uses gas that contains ethanol. There are many fuel injector cleaners on the market, but how do you know which one is the best? Obviously, the highest quality products provide the best clean, and they are able to do so by using the best ingredients. There are other factors that are also taken into consideration when determining what makes the best fuel injector cleaner, such as the amount of time that it works, how easy it is to use, and the cost.

We’ve scoured the market and have compared countless cleaners. After our assessment, we have determined that the 10 products above are the best fuel injector cleaners available.

Hopefully that’s all been helpful and you’ve got a good idea of which is the best fuel system cleaner for you, how to use it, and the benefits of doing so.

If you’d recommend any others then drop us a note below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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