The Best Wax For Black Cars – Our Top 7 Picks

best wax for black carsA good wax for dark vehicles requires a specialized formula to yield a glossy finish while protecting your paintwork.

Choosing the right one can be tricky, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

What’s The Best Wax For Black Cars?

If you’re looking for the best wax for a showroom finish on your black car here is a review of the top 7 products available right now.

In putting this list together we’ve taken into account user feedback, price, popularity and performance.

#1 – CarGuys Hybrid Wax

***Best Seller***

CarGuys Hybrid WaxThis is quite simply the best selling car wax for black cars on the market.

It offers the pinnacle in car wax technology providing a long-lasting smooth surface and deep shine to the paint.

The formula doesn’t streak or white-out, and it’s easy to buff off using a towel. The synthetic compounds highlight metallic paint jobs by working at a molecular level to restore that showroom shine to your car using nano-technology.

The best part about this product is its ease of use. It’s possible to complete your wax job in less than 15-minutes from start to finish. The formula is easy to apply, and easy to wipe off. Black cars are prone to fading paintwork if they aren’t cared for properly.  But with this product you have nothing to worry about.

CarGuys fortified their formula with a hydrophobic barrier. This wax forms a protective shield over your paintwork providing UV protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

This product lasts for 3 to 6-months, depending on your washing cycle and environmental conditions.

When we looked at it this leading wax averaged an impressive 4.6 stars out of 5 from 1,167 independent reviews. It was available at a GREAT PRICE and came with FREE SHIPPING.



#2 – CarGuys Liquid Wax

***Highest Rated***

CarGuys Liquid WaxAnother CarGuys product worthy of mention in this review – and very unlucky not to be named our number 1 – is their liquid wax product. Perfect for use in combination with their wax sealant, this product forms the ultimate protective barrier for your cars paintwork.

The formula contains the same patented nano-technology found in the wax sealant. The cross-polymer compounds and additives boost the protective properties of the wax. You can expect a 6 to 12-month window of protection for your vehicle, depending on environmental conditions.

This liquid wax doesn’t streak or dry white on plastic parts, and it provides a slick shine that’s easy to apply and wipe off. The nano-polymer additives found in this Car Guys formula means that water effortlessly beads off the protective film without streaking the wax job.

Available in a 16-ounce or 8-ounce kit, this product is the result of hundreds of hours of testing in collaboration with professional car detailers.

It currently averages a whopping 4.8 stars out of 5 from 632 reviews and comes with FREE SHIPPING.



#3 – Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit

***Top Performer***

Aero Cosmetics

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of chemicals found in wash and wax solutions, go green with Aero Cosmetics the next time you wash your vehicle.

Although not specifically designed for darker vehicles this waxing kit outperforms almost all of the products that are – just check out the independent reviews here.

Aero is a complete car wash kit that doesn’t require any water. The thought of cleaning a car without water may seem alien to you, but this product makes it a real-world possibility.

This water-based formula is free from alcohol and ammonia, eco-friendly and biodegradable. This product is an excellent choice for car owners that reside in water-restrictive states, such as California.

The kit comes complete with 1-gallon of car wash formula, a 16-ounce spray bottle, 4-microfiber towels and a washing guide to help you through your first waterless car wash.

A 144-ounce kit washes and waxes up to 36-cars. The Military, Air-force One, and various corporate airlines all approve the formula for use on their fleets.

Averaging 4.8 stars out of 5 from 1,745 reviews this is a really solid choice.


#4 – Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

***Super Easy To Use***

Meguiar's UltimateIf there’s one international brand of car-care products that car enthusiasts trust, its Meguiar’s. Their Ultimate Liquid Wax formula offers optimal synthetic protection from the elements while restoring paintwork to showroom condition.

It’s easy to apply this formula, with no streaking or whitening of plastic parts. You can even wipe this product off in the sun, something not typically found in other automotive wax products.

The advanced synthetic polymers found in the Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax formula amplify reflection while providing a mirror-like shine.

The formula has hydrophobic properties that effortlessly bead water from the paintwork by increasing surface tension. Meguair’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is safe for use on all clear coats, metallic, and glossy paint jobs.

You can apply this product using a hand wax-job, or use a machine for a perfect finish. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax provides a protective barrier against the elements for up to 6-months after application.

Scores an excellent 4.6 stars out of 5 from 1,381 independent reviews.


#5 – Formula 1 Northern Labs Black Color Wax

***Best Budget Option***

Formula 1 Northern Labs Black Color WaxIf you’re looking for the least expensive product to detail your car, try out Formula 1 black color wax from Northern Labs.

This product is excellent value for money and the cheapest in this review. However, Northern Labs haven’t skimped on quality; the formula includes cross-linked polymer technology found in other more expensive brands.

Formula 1 features UV-stable pigments that restore the shine and color of your car’s paint, leaving it with that coveted wet look. This product has swirl and filling technology that allows you to buff out any minor scratches, restoring the appearance of your vehicle.

You can rely on Formula 1 to provide a smooth application and easy removal, with the formula lasting for up to 12-months.

No white residue, no streaks and excellent resistance to UV rays. Formula 1 provides a quality product at an excellent price.  It’s not the best car wax for black cars in the world, but it is does represent excellent value for money.

It averages 4 stars out of 5 on review and comes with FREE SHIPPING.


#6 – Meguiar’s Black Wax Paste

***Best Wax For Black Cars With Scratches***

Best Wax For Black Cars With ScratchesAt number 6 we have Meguiar’s Black Wax Paste. This product was specially formulated to provide a silky smooth, wet finish that brings out the depth and life of the paintwork.

Ideal for metallic paint jobs, this wax doesn’t use any colorants of dyes in its formulation. Featuring cross-linked polymers and micro-polishing agents, Black Wax leaves a deep, rich finish that’s free of swirls and streaks.

Effortlessly buff out minor scratches and protect your vehicle for up to 12-months with Black Wax. Meguiar’s recommend that you use Black wax in conjunction with their Ultimate Liquid Wax formula for best results.

You can buff this product off using a microfiber cloth, but Meguairs recommend a machine polish for a deep shine that lasts for months.

Scores 4.4 stars out of 5 from 481 reviews and is available with FREE SHIPPING.


#7 – Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Color Enhancer

***Produces Incredible Depth***

Chemical Guys

Rounding off our review we have something a little different.

Chemical Guys are world-renowned for supplying car wax products formulated with gloss enhancers and durable sealants.

The Black Light Hybrid Color Enhancer provides a remarkable glaze to the paintwork of your car with a wet, lustrous, and deep finish. Perfect for metallic paints, this formula makes the paintwork pop.

Their formula features swirl-filling technology, allowing you to fill hairline scratches without the need of a polishing machine. The ultra-refined oils found in Black Light polish penetrate deep into the scratch, filling and sealing the affected area while protecting it from further corrosion.

Chemical Guys spent 3 years in research and development for this formula which included long-term testing in various environmental conditions.

Research shows that Black Light offers protection for your vehicle for up to 3-months before reapplication. Black Light blocks harmful UV rays that fade the color of your paint, and the formula is suitable for both hand and machine polishes.

When we looked at it this popular product averaged 4.5 stars out of 5 and also came with FREE SHIPPING.


So, What’s The Best Black Car Wax?

All of these products will provide your car with a wax-job that protects and enhances your paintwork.

They’re all made by well established brands.  They’ve all been around long enough to withstand the test of time, and they’ve all received rave reviews from hundreds of independent users just like you.

best car wax for black carsWe went through a pretty vigorous review process before choosing the products above for this list and we’re happy that these represent the best options on the market right now.

If you pressed us however, we’d have to say that if you’re hand polishing your car, try out either of CarGuys’ market leading wax products for best results.

If you’re an environmentally conscious car-owner, give the waterless kit from Aero Cosmetics a try.

And for those enthusiasts using a machine to wax their car, we’d recommend Meguairs black wax paste.

Car Wax FAQs

When it comes to buffing up your car there are, as we’ve seen, plenty of products to choose from.  You could also hand your vehicle in to a professional detailer to do the job for you.  Whatever your preference there are loads of questions that come up in this area.

We’ve written a few larger posts about some of the main ones, however below we’ve attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help you out.

Q – Please Tell Me How To Wax A Car?

A – No problem!  Check out our post on this here, or take a look at the clip below:

Q – What’s The Difference Between Wax and Polish?

A – A great question that crops up a lot.  In short a polish is a product that only offers aesthetic benefits. Polishes are oil based and they are absorbed by your car’s paintwork resulting (hopefully) in a shiny gloss finish to help make your ride look sparkling new.  A polish however will offer your car no protection.

A wax on the other hand is used to seal and protect paint and polish.  It can also be applied, subject to which brand you use, to fill in and seal scratches and stone chips.  The wax layer is usually applied after the polish, however there are plenty of products out there that provide both benefits in one application.

Q – Does Black Car Wax Work?

A – Yes, and no!  Some, cheaper models don’t work as well as some of the higher quality multi-colored wax products out there.  You usually get what you pay for after all.  That said, the best product used incorrectly will not work as well as a cheaper option if the person applying it is more diligent when doing so.  There’s no point forking out for the best if you’re not willing to spend a little time and effort putting it to good use.  You’ll just end up with streaks and a poor finish.

You shouldn’t have any problems if you pick one of the options on our list and work it in correctly.

Q – What’s the Difference Between Waxing And Buffing?

car bufferA – It depends who you ask.  We suggest that you don’t get too bogged down with this, but the phrase buffing means different things to different people.  To many buffing involves the use of a mechanical rotary cloth used with mini abrasives that help to produce a super shiny finish.  Others view it as ant type of polishing.  Some, simply the removing phase of wax or any other type of residue applied to bring out a better shine.  Waxing to us is the phase of applying the wax layer itself.  Buffing, we would say, involves the use of a machine.  The following forum discussion highlights the lack of a standard definition.

You can read our post on how to buff a car here.

Q – What’s The Best Way To Wax A Car?

A – We’d suggest using a paste or liquid based wax applied thinly in an overlapping circular motion.  You should apply the product with a little (but not too much) pressure evenly.  In general you’ll probably need about a square inch or two of product for every two square feet of car that you’re detailing.  Rub it in until the area that you are working on is completely covered.  Leave it for five or so minutes to dry to dull, slightly cloudy look.  You can then take it off using a microfiber towel or cloth.

buffing a carUsing about the same amount of pressure as you did when applying your wax you want to lightly wipe in a circular motion until the left over cloudy layer is removed.  Do not “buff” at this point. If your cloth starts to drag or catch during this process you need to flip it over or get a new one as its a sure sign that your rag is starting to get clogged, which will compromise the shine that you achieve if you continue.

Once you’re happy that you’ve removed all of the cloudy layer grab a new microfiber towel and repeat the same process but using just a little bit more pressure than before.  This will help buff it up to a super high shine.  In this final stage, if you’re using a fresh towel the circular motions should feel very smooth, with no catching.  Step back and admire!

Q – Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare My Car Before I Wax It?

A – Yes, definitely.  For best results you need to completely clean your vehicle’s exterior.  It needs to be washed thoroughly and completely dry before you proceed.  You need to ensure that any old products have been completely removed and that there is no water present.  Any moisture present will impact the long term durability of the coat that you apply.

Q – At What Temperature Should I Do This?

thermometerA – This one’s not so critical however its generally advisable to apply your wax between 60 and 80 degrees in order to get the best results.  Check the instruction manual on the reverse of the bottle or tub to see what the manufacturer recommends.  Don’t get too hung up on this though.

Q – Where Should I Wax My Car?

A – Absolutely brilliant question! It’s critical to remember to wax up your vehicle in the shade. Waxing in the sun will dry the wax out and make it challenging to remove, especially in the tight areas around fenders and doors.  A garage with good, even lighting is probably the best place as it will also help to highlight any spots you’ve missed!

Q – I have A Regular Car Wax, Will That Work On A Dark Car?

A – Yes, it should, although depending upon the quality of the product you may not achieve as high a shine as you would with a product designed specifically for black cars.  If it’s made by a reputable brand you should still be able to achieve the same standards of protection however.

Q – What’s The Best Wax For Black Trucks?

A – The same as for black cars!  Any of the seven products on our list would be a good wax for a black truck.  Plenty of the independent reviews for each of them have been left by black truck owners.  That said, as waxing a truck can be a bit of a bigger job than detailing a standard family size car you might want to consider using a spray wax to help you cover a greater area in a shorter space of time.  Which leads on nicely to the next question…

Q – What’s The Best Spray Wax For Black Cars?

best spray wax for black carsA – We reviewed plenty before putting this list together and you’ll notice that two in particular made it into our top seven.  CarGuys Hybrid Wax comes in spray form and, as it’s both the best-seller and our number one pick it would be very hard not to label the best spray on wax for black cars wouldn’t it?!  It’s easy to use, well priced, and does an excellent job.

Having said that the Aero Cosmetics’ all in one kit is rated slightly higher and is possibly a more economic choice as it comes in slightly bulkier form and will therefore last longer.  So if you have a fleet of black cars to wax (which you might) then this could be the best black car wax for you.  It’s also Eco-friendly which could also tip the balance in it’s favor.

Q – What’s The Best Wax For Black Cars With Scratches?

A – Another common question.  The answer depends on how you plan to treat the scratch and how deep it is.  If you’re planning on removing the scratch yourself by using, for example, a scratch repair kit it might be the case that you are left with no visible sign of it after carrying out the repair.  If that is the case then any of the seven suggestions on our list should do the job.

If however you’re looking for a product that will both help remove the scratch and wax the car at the same time we’d recommend Meguiar’s Black Wax Paste (see the review at number six on our list).  In the last few months alone we’ve noticed plenty of reviewers commenting on how well it did at concealing scratches and stone chips.  It’s long lasting, comes with an applicator pad, and is applied by hand so you can really get stuck in to any stubborn deep scratches.

If you’re wondering how to remove a scratch from a black car (or any for that matter) check out our handy guide here.

You can also check out some more tips and tricks on black car detailing here.

Q – What’s The Best Black Car Wax For The Money?

A – Price was one of several factors that we took into account when compiling this list.  We discarded anything that we considered didn’t offer good value for money.  The result left us with seven great products that are all priced really well, none of which will break the bank.

Formula 1’s black car wax is the cheapest on our list, and it will do a very good job.  But if you really pinned us down we’d have to say that, as both of the products from CarGuys, and also the waxing kit from Aero Cosmetics are only a few dollars more than Formula 1, you’re probably better off going with one of those.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully the reviews above and our FAQ section have given you enough information to decide which product is right for you.

As you’ll have gathered by now, we think that CarGuys make the best car wax for black cars at the moment.  If that changes we’ll update this post accordingly.

What do you think?  Have you used any of these products?  If so, how did you get on with them?  Do you agree with our views, and are there any products not mentioned that you think deserve a place on our list?

We’d love to hear from you so please let us know below.

What now?  Why not check out our step by step guide on how to remove scratches from your car here.



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