K Seal Review – A Quick Overview

The radiator is one of the most important parts of a vehicle’s cooling system. It pushes hot water from the engine block, and out through the tubes and fins that allow heat from hot water or coolant to dissipate.

When the liquid cools, it returns back to the engine block in order to absorb more heat.

K Seal Review

Given the fact that a radiator is such an integral component of a vehicle’s cooling system, if it isn’t working properly, your car will undergo serious damage. For example, it will overheat, or the engine could completely seize.

Should a leak in a radiator occur, having it repaired is absolutely essential; however, a lot of people put off having it fixed because they don’t want to spend a large amount of money.

Products that are designed to stop radiator leaks are the perfect solution for people whose radiators have developed leaks, but who don’t want the struggle of having to hand over their car over to have the repair done, or who aren’t interested in spending a lot of money.

There tends to be a lot of debate surrounding these products. In particular, the debates surround their effectiveness and whether or not they are actually worth using.

Though most of these products can stop radiator leaks in most cars, the repair is only temporary.

Moreover, poor quality products can lead to further issues in the future, as they can clog up lines in the engine.

With all of that being said, there is one radiator stop leak product on the market that has received rave reviews and seems to offer a long-lasting solution.

What’s the product? – K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair.

In-Depth Look at K-Seal Multi Purpose Leak Repair

There are a lot of coolant leak repair products on the market that claim to offer a permanent solution.

Unfortunately, many of these products don’t live up to their claims. This Coolant Leak Repair is different than other products out there.

It is specially formulated to work with all types of antifreeze and it is scientifically proven to work as a coolant leak repair fluid.

In fact, it is one of the most trusted coolant leak repair products by automotive repair companies.

Simply add it to your coolant system and run your engine just as you normally would.

The unique formula will automatically get to work, seeking out holes and cracks in your radiator and permanently sealing them off.

Since this product is free of harsh additives, there’s no need to worry about it causing any further damage to your radiator or your engine.

Instructions for Use

Not only is K Seal proven to permanently seal cracks in your radiator, but it is extremely easy to use.

The simple steps for using this product are as follows:

  • Turn off your engine and allow it to cool. Though K Seal can be used while the engine is hot, there are potential dangers that could arise, so it’s in your best interest to use it with a cool engine.
  • Vigorously shake the bottle and pour the entire contents into your car’s radiator or header/expansion tank.
  • Once the product has been added, turn the engine back on and allow it to reach operating temperature. The fastest way to get your vehicle back up to operating temperature is by taking it for a smooth drive, or by allowing it to idle until the temperature gauge indicates that it has reached its normal level.
  • Once the K Seal has sealed up any leaks in your radiator, you can either replace the contents of the cooling system, or you can leave it in place. If you do choose to replace the coolant, there’s no need to worry about replacing the K-Seal because once the product is in place, it creates a temporary seal.

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K Seal Pros

K-Seal offers several advantages. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • It offers a permanent leak repair solution.
  • It last for a long period of time
  • It works with all types of antifreeze
  • It’s a Pour and Go solution, which means that it can be used in both hot and cold engines.
  • The product can remedy leaks in the head gasket, the heater core, the cylinder heads, or even the engine blocks.

K Seal Cons

Despite the benefits, there are some minor downsides associated with this product. The two most notable cons include:

  • It might make your coolant look dirty after it has been used.
  • It may not seal cracks in your water pump.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing this review, there were a total of 648 customer reviews for K Seal Multi Purpose Leak Repair on Amazon.

Overall, the product had an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars, with 64 percent of reviewers giving it the maximum score of 5 stars out of 5, which is excellent.

Customers who were happy with the product said that it was extremely easy to use, that it worked quickly, and that it delivered long-lasting results.

Those who were not so happy with the product claimed that it worked initially, but the results weren’t so long lasting.

K Seal Final Thoughts

While there are a few mixed reviews for this product, if you are experiencing a leak in your radiator, it’s certainly worth your while to give K Seal a try.

It won’t cause further damage to your car, and it’s priced very well, so there’s no harm in trying out this product.



Hopefully that’s answered all the questions that you had.

If you’re still not convinced a couple of great alternatives are Blue Devil and AT 205.

Need a hand diagnosing a leak?  Check out this handy guide.


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