Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 Review And User Guide

A scratch in your car’s paint sticks out like a sore thumb.  But the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune taking it to an auto body shop to have the scratch removed.

Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 Review

With Meguiars Scratch X 2.0, you can remove scratches and restore the quality of your car’s paint job without having to shell out a ton of cash…less than $8 in fact!!!

Specially formulated to remove all types of scratches from all types of paint, you can rest assured that your car’s paint job will look as good as the day you bought it.

In-Depth Look at Meguirs Scratch X 2.0

There are a lot of scratch removers on the market, but too many of them don’t deliver what they say they will. Instead of actually getting rid of the scratch, they simply fill it in and mask it.

Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 isn’t like any other product. Instead of simply filling up a scratch and covering it, it actually gets rid of it!

This highly powerful polish is specially formulated to actually buff out scratches, swirls and blemishes on the surface of your vehicle’s paint.

Thanks to the exclusive micro-abrasive system of this formal, those fine blemishes will be erased and the clarity and brilliance of your paint will be restored.

  The Product At Work…

This formula is strong enough to remove light stains, oxidation, minor blemishes and surface contaminants, yet it’s gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive paint types, including clear coats.

Unlike many other paint correctors, this one won’t abrade the surface of your paint, which means you will never have to worry about having more blemishes than you started out with.

Easy to use for even novice of car detailers, this product is a must if you want to keep your vehicle’s paint looking great.

Instructions for Use

Using this product is pretty easy:

  • Simply clean the area to be treated and dry.
  • Using a clean, non-abrasive cloth, apply the formula to the affected area on your paint in a circular motion.
  • Leave the formula in place and allow it to dry.
  • Once dried, wipe the film off with another clean, non-abrasive cloth.
  • Once removed, your paint will have a deep, polished, blemish-free finish.

You can also use Scratch X 2.0 on your entire car to revitalize the paint and give it a high-gloss shine.

  • Before doing so, wash your car and make sure that it is completely dry.
  • Use a clean, non-abrasive cloth to work the formula into the surface of your paint, allow it to dry, and remove the film with another clean, non-abrasive cloth.
  • If you are using it on your entire car, make sure that you work one section at a time.

It is important to note that if your paint has a deep blemish, it’s chipped or if there is any corrosion, Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 won’t be able to reverse the damage. Instead, you are going to need to have your paint treated by a professional.

Customer Reviews

Currently, there are a total of 992 reviews of Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 on Amazon. Of these reviews, 53 percent are 5 stars out of 5 (which is excellent) with very few reviewers giving it less than 4 stars.

Those who were happy with the product said that it was extremely easy to use, it removed blemishes, and it restored the finish of their paint.

Those who were not so happy with it said that it didn’t quite offer the results that they were looking for.

Meguiars Scratch X 2.0- Conclusion

To erase those light blemishes in your car’s paint and restore its shine easily and inexpensively, Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 will not disappoint.

It works a treat and comes with FREE SHIPPING.



Hopefully you found that helpful.

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